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Occasional Dairy - Germany

Tuesday, 15th November 2005,Freiburg, Germany
Bike shop of your dreams.
We left off yesterday mentioning Extratour. This has got to be one of the best bike shops we've Andreas from Extratourever entered. Really. Not only do they seem to have absolutely everything we'd ever desired (bike wise anyway!), they spoke fantastic English (which helped us out a great deal - I don't suppose Kartoffel is a very useful word in a bike shop), they were incredibly helpful and knew their stuff. Our demands exceeded far more that anything related to bikes - I certainly won't go into those - I'm sure they don't want every one of their customers to be as demanding as us! But it really struck me the comparison between for example Cycle Surgery in London - they have good stuff (not nearly in the same league as Extratour), some of the guys working there do know a bit about bikes (then again a lot don't) but to be honest - they are really a load of stuck up arses who have a much higher opinion of themselves than is justified. I base that judgment on 5 years of buying stuff from them - not just one visit. So a huge cheer for the very modest Andreas and his teammates at Extratour.


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