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Occasional Dairy - Sicily

Friday, 10th June 2005  Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy
Hello everyone! Yes we're back and thank you to all of you who emailed us to advise us that our website was down. Turns out that the site was soooooooo popular that we exceeded our monthly bandwidth allowance so our account was disabled. Naively we presumed that the next month we would be put back up but the meanies are making us upgrade our package to allow for a higher bandwidth before they put us back up. So, if anyone knows any website hosting companies who might consider sponsoring us by granting us a bit of free web space we would be eternally grateful to hear from you.

We arrived here in Piazza Armerina last Thursday - yes we've been here a week and we only meant to stay for the night. But thanks to our new mate Hector of STS we've been having such a good time here we haven't been able to leave! Hector is a guide at Villa Romana del Casale (pictures will be posted later but it is the 2nd most popular tourist site in Sicily apparently and it's pretty impressive) and he kindly offered us a bed for the night at his friend's place. Samuel has for some obscure reason allowed us to let us hang out at his place and also provide us with pretty much a personalised guided tour to all the bars in Piazza Armerina. Apart from that, he generously sleeps most of the day to remove the guilt from Richard of doing exactly the same thing.

Lots of thank you's are owed to our new friends here - Alessandro - for inviting us to guzzle his wine at his birthday party last Friday - though we may never have gone had we known that Hector intended to test our musical skills in his jamm'in session that night. You can see the article Alessandro's written about us on his website - we haven't seen it yet so yell if he's been printing bad things about us! It provides loads of tourist info Piazza Armerina so if you are planning a trip here at any point (highly recommended) check it out because the man in the local tourist office is useless (and rude) at the rare times he's open.

The staff at Phoenix for loaning us a hard drive so we could backup our data when our software corrupted on our laptop and charming Roberto for having a cool winebar and letting us have free access to his internet point, also (along with Hector, Ben, Paolo and Samuel) for way too many free drinks!

Off tomorrow (fingers crossed it doesn't rain - it's been bucketing down for the last couple of days) to Catania then Mount Etna. Should be interesting to find out if the sulphurous fumes can compete with Richard's farts. After that Italy mainland heading north to either Austria or Slovenia.

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