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Date: 25th September 2005

Newsletter 4. The Précis Edition

For those of you who have made cutting remarks about the length of our newsletters we are now doing the "précis" edition! We've been getting mixed responses - some people are delighted at receiving our newsletters - others complain that they're too long, yet others demand further details.

Soooo here it is! "The Précis Edition!"

From now on we'll just give a few brief facts & anyone wanting more can either follow a link (that we will provide) where the full version can either be read or downloaded.
Anyone having problems let us know and we'll email it to you directly.

A Slovenian update will be sent out in a few days.

We set off from Châtellerault, France 9 months ago.

France (65), At Sea (2), Morocco (23), Spain (8), Algeria (27), Tunisia (24), At Sea (1), Sicily (30), Italy (83), Slovenia (24).

We're now in Split, Croatia where we'll be until Tuesday. Route plan at the moment is Sarajevo, Mostar (Bosnia), Dubrovnik (Croatia).

We may take in a couple of the islands such as Hvar or Korcula (the birthplace of Marco Polo - hands up who knew he was a Croatian - yes we know... Croatia didn't exist then!). On to Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Then...umm well we're open to suggestions!

Oh yes - we should mention we are doing a world tour! Seems that some of our friends haven't quite clicked on that!

We think we've done about 7,900km (difficult to tell - Richard's speedometer is broken & mine periodically set themselves back to zero.
My parents will be the first to tell you I can't add up)

Richard has also been doing a French newsletter. If you're not on the French mailing list (and you speak or at least read French!) you can join by sending a blank email to

or follow this link

There's also a French page on the website now.

Finally - we found a clean country! Slovenia wins hands down - a cyclist's paradise.

Italy and Morocco are competing for the prize of the dirtiest but Croatia looks like it may well be in the running. But the worst thing is we forgot to celebrate Peace One Day - 21st September. Hope we were the only ones.

Ciao 4 now.

<|             <|

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 |O  o         |O  o

OO /\._      OO /\._

 (_)|7(_)      (_)|>(_)

Stani & Richard

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