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Date: 26th October 2006

Newsletter 5. Slovenia Photos

Thanks everyone who responded to out Slovenia newsletter – as so many of you asked to see photos we’ve attached a few (low resolution for those who are still on dial up) – though they’ve been on our website for about a year!


View of the stunning aquamarine Soca River. Easy cycling as we followed the narrow Soca Valley alongside the river as it glides through the Triglav National Park. During WWI, the site of the infamous Soca Front claimed an estimated 1 million lives (Immortalised by Ernest Hemingway in "A Farewell to Arms"), but now it 's fame is due to the spectacular river rafting.

No - we were exhausted from the climb & taking a rest - just wanted to see what it looked like from this angel. A monument half way up Vrsis pass indicating the names of all the surrounding mountains.

At the peak of Vrsis Pass - the 1611m high Vrsic pass is the highest pass of Slovenia.

Pausing on the downhill of Vrsis pass - before tackling yet another cobblestone bend.



On the Radovna cycle route - a continuous journey via stunning valley after stunning valley.

Skofja Loka - otherwise known as the Bishops Meadow - we had a great view of a lightning storm one night
A deceptive view - this was one of those twisting and turn caracol style downhills.

Always glad to see a sign letting us know which country we're in when we've already been in it for 2 weeks.

Lake Bled is surrounded by 1000-2000 m high mountains. It boasts a castle on a rock next to the lake and a calm, atmospheric chapel on an island in the lake which can be visited by rowing boat or gondola.



Well not exactly but we were interviewed by Passport Magazine whilst we were in Moscow and you can read the article online here.

Take care everyone


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Stani & Richard

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