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Occasional Dairy - France

Friday, 9th December 2005, Châtellerault, France
Firefox Rules but Trashes our Website! OK as I'm not doing much Cycling at he moment I have been turning my attention to my other great love - no not Richard, Computing. I have been aware since Bologna that our website looks just DREADFUL under Firefox. You'd think my mum who looks at the website every day and has been using firefox since forever could have actually mentioned it! What I wasn't aware of was that none of my folding text code works (eg on the links page and the FAQ.) By the way that reminds us. THE FAQ page is a bit thin at the moment. If there's a question (or answer!) you'd like to see there let us know. When we set the site up Firefox, had only been out a couple of months and had absolutely no share in the market - well at least not in the people looking at our site. Even 2 months ago it had only risen to a max ever of 6%.

Imagine my shock when I looked the other day and saw the percentage had risen to 31%. The worst thing is that since trying out Firefox myself - I just love it! FIREFOX ROCKS! So I'm going to have to recode this website to comply under W3C so that it can viewed properly under firefox - urrrrggg! Not really got time for that - any volunteers?

On the point of changing ye old & faithful software. Our junk mail account has started to fill up exactly with that. Well it's done 2 years so it was a pretty good innings. So I thought, lets try out a gmail account despite all the hype regarding privacy. I've got to say it - despite all the fanfare - I prefer the yahoo user interface a 1000% more so I'll just stick to yahoo. Considering how google has been so amazing at everything else they've turned their attention to, I'm disappointed that they can't do something better. The only thing that is slightly swaying my thoughts is that Gmail allows you not to access your account for 9 months before they delete everything in it - yahoo only allows you 3 or 4. Learnt from experience when we did our Tour de Americas how painful it is to sign on and find out you've lost everything. 

Saturday, 3rd December 2005,Châtellerault, France
Protesters from 30 countries unite to fight global warming.
The first worldwide demonstration on climate change is today. Stop reading this and get out there! Britain is backsliding on her environmental commitments. In 11 European Union countries emissions have grown, not shrunk. In Japan, emissions are nearly 18 per cent above target while in Canada - host of United Nations conference this week that is supposed to be tackling the issue - the gap is almost 30 per cent. 

Tuesday, 29th November 2005,Châtellerault, France
I may be the slowest - but I'm not the heaviest.
I know I should really put this in the weblog section but ...
Today I stumbled across Josie Dews website - the first question she has on her FAQ is How much weight are you carrying? It is a question we ourselves are always asked. Everyone is always horrified by our response (Richard 80kgs & me 60kgs - give or take) Very few cyclists we meet actually appear as heavily loaded as we do ourselves. To my surprise she quotes 65 kilos.


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