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Occasional Dairy - France 3

Monday, 27th February 2006, Châtellerault, France

Yes - we are back in France and I'm struggling with the French keyboard so no comments about errors!


Noticed that the Times online today reported that Britain's Olympic cyclists have stated that they train abroad because of the "aggressive and abusive motorists". Yes that's the BRITISH drivers they are talking about, not those crazy French and Italian one's as the British so frequently claim. "Some top athletes are so fed up with cyclists being treated as “third-class” citizens that they prefer to train abroad in more “bike-friendly” nations."


We can vouch for that. We've always commented on the appalling behaviour that cyclists have to sustain from British car drivers but it was only after getting back from Europe at the end of last year we could see just how dreadful the drivers are in England when compared to other European nations. If you are interested in reading the article you can find it here.


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