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Occasional Dairy - Poland

March 2006, Szczecin, Poland

THE LATEST .......

YES - we are back on the road!!!!


We actually left 31 Days ago from London and have whizzed thorough France ('cos the ferry was cheaper to Calais of course), Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and today are in Szczecin Poland.


That's pronounced Shcheh-cheen by the way - I think it is some sort of joke on the German's who are swarming over by the hoard full for the cheap shopping - definitely comparable with Calais for the Brits. Yes - wind them up with something totally unpronounceable to start with! It's a joke on us after being used to the smooth bike paths of the Netherlands and Germany. They call the cobblestones on the roads Cats Heads here.


So many of you have asked where we are going, where we are etc.



OK we hope to spend about 3-4 weeks in Poland - vague route as follows...


Szczecin via Pomerania to Gdańsk via the lake strewn lowlands and Kashuby (according to legend the characteristic hills and lakes were created by the footprints of giants).


Then we'll head down to Malbork, Chelmno & Toruń before heading to Nowe Miasto Lubawskie...


HALT! Why are we going to Nowe Miasto Lubawskie?


We keep getting asked this question every time we say it - we have a friend there waiting to cycle with us to St Petersburg.


Then back up to the Warmia and Masuria lakelands before heading to Białowieża National Park for a spot of Bison watching in the primeval forest - yes some of the most ancient forests in the world.


Then back up to the Lithuanian border and bye bye Poland - hopefully round about the 21st May.


LITHUANIA, LATVIA, ESTONIA - exact route to be worked out...but hopefully crossing into RUSSIA round about 15th June


RUSSIA - St Petersburg (of course!), Moscow, Lake Baikal - only 3 months to cross! Will we make it? Cross to

MONGOLIA round about 15th September.

CHINA..... hopefully enter about the 15th October and pray it's not already too cold to cycle!


We'll let you know later as we go along ok?


Take care everyone!



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