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Occasional Dairy - South Korea

Monday 17th September, Suwon, South Korea

We're in Suwon now until Wednesday when we'll head to Yongin. Don't ask what route we're taking (because we don't know yet) but we're heading towards Busan for the end of the month. After that we'll go to Japan and onwards to Shanghai (December 2007), Hong Kong (January 2008) and probably Tibet after that - it's a probably as we haven't actually planned a route yet.


Richard has been busily updating his blog and I have added a comment or two of my own on my blog too (yes - how rare is that?)


For those of you in China experiencing the Great Firewall - you won't be able to access our blogs. You can get round this by using the surfonsteriods website - why not try it out!



Thursday 6th September, Seoul, South Korea

We been in Korea for a week now.


A couple of days ago Richard discovered a fab bike shop (UTL bicycle) with a wonderfully friendly owner so we thought we'd give it a plug! Not only was he friendly but he kindly helped us out and gave us some break pads for free! Website is only in Korean.


UTL Bike Shop


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