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Occasional Dairy - China

Friday 9th July 2007, Langfang, China

We were supposed to go to the Summer Palace today but when we woke up it was pouring down so we turned over and went back to sleep - how lazy is that?


For those of you who have been wondering why we've been updating our blogs and website even less than normal the simple fact is the Great Firewall of China. As our blog is hosted on we can't access it at all. Our website seems to be sometimes accessible and sometimes not - I think it's probably due to the ISP we are using as in ZhengZhou we found we could access it at one cafe but not on our friends connection.


So... website will remain (of course!) - the blogs will remain as well but we are going to add a link to our facebook profile and blog from there as that seems accessible. Until I actually get round to adding the link to the menu here.....(don't hold your breath!)..our profile on facebook is Richard Velomad.


While I'm on the subject of website updating we'd like to say a big thank you to all our friends who responded to our last newsletter by offering to help us - all zero of you - you lazy sods ;-)


Ok - off to get some mushroom soup.

Wednesday 18th July 2007, Zhengzhou,郑州 China

It's sweltering - here in the Henan province of Central China. Luckily we are in an air conditioned apartment but there are a few mossies that have snuck their way in - probably hid in our bags. As usual we didn't head the original direction we intended and instead of going to Beijing we headed south towards Xi'an. We are on our way to Beijing now though, we hope to arrive early (ish) August. We will then head to South Korea for September and Japan for October to December. Not sure where we will spend Xmas and the New Year - either Japan or back in China.

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