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Occasional Dairy - Mongolia

Sunday 7th January 2007, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Greetings everyone. Happy New Year!

Apologies for being quiet for so long. Latest news is we're staying in UB until April so if anybody wants to come and visit we now have flat for you to stay in. It's not huge but bigger than our tent!

We have got jobs for the winter (decided to hibernate!) at the Santis Educational Centre so were teaching English. Can you imagine all the little Mongolians running around speaking English with French accents!

More soon but here's a few photos of Mongolia for you - click on the thumbnails to see them in more detail.


MongoliaMongoliaMongoliaGhengis Khan on the mountain sideMongolia


Friday 22nd September 2006, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Finally made it to UB! We've had a couple of weeks of gorgeous (as in hot!) weather but it's very cold & damp today. Apparently it will snow tomorrow - eek! But we are indoors - not in the tent so we may actually enjoy it! For the first time since we left England 5 months ago we couldn't find a host via the Hospitality Club or Couchsurfing (ironic that it's become soooo difficult to find hosts since we were made Ambassadors) so we've had to splash out and blow our budget to smithereens (which we can ill afford to do after recovering from Petrus's disappearance) and pay for a place to stay. We are in the Ghenngis Guesthouse - got to be worth it just for the name ;-) Very sweet lady landlord - $7 (normally $8) per person ut very clean and spacious with kitchen, table full size BATH!!! and unlimited hot - yes HOT water (forgotten what hot water was after Russia!)

Never got to visit Lake Baikal - only saw it as we passed it by train. What were we doing on a train? Well Richard's bike was stolen. If you want to know about that we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven't already) as we'll be sending out an update about that soon. 

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