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Occasional Dairy - Russia

Thursday 7th September 2006, Irkutsk, Russia

Just heard today that the English language Russian magazine Passport did a double page spread on us in their September issue. You can read it here.

Monday 3rd July 2006, St Petersburg, Russia

Yes still here... bad planning & simply not getting enough time to do the things we want. So many people are asking where we're going in Russia & when. Well we can give a rough idea of the where but not the when - as it always changes! We'll head to Novogorod on Wednesday, stay there a couple of days and then go for a little tour of the Golden Ring, then on to Moscow, down the Volga - not sure how far but definitely Saratov, maybe Volgograd, the Urals (no real idea where exactly yet), onwards to Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Tomsk & Lake Baikal from there we'll head into Mongolia.


28th June 2006, Gatchina, Russia

For some mad reason they let us across the border. In fact despite all the scare mongering stories we heard, the immigration officer was a sweetheart & kindly came & sat with us to go through the forms with us (as they were all in Russian of course & did our Lonely Planet Russian phrase book cover simple things like terms commonly found on migration cards? No of course not.) We wondered if we could perhaps use some of the other terms which ARE covered like….

“Let’s go to bed”, “use your tongue” or “Do you have a condom”?

Still, having crossed the border we still had to deal with the registration issue. Many scare stories banding about regarding registration & corrupt police fining you if you haven’t registered exactly according to their interpretation of the law. We may have managed to have sorted ours out – we have been assured that the stamp we got in St Petersburg is good for the whole 3 months we have in Russia & we don't need to get registered anywhere again. We'll see - not at all convinced. But luckily having "reserved" some USD at a bank in Tallinn the night before we were leaving Estonia (the next 3 days were a holiday in Estonia so no other opportunity to buy any foreign currency) we turned up & were told they had no USD left. So money for bribes! Cool - one less thing to worry about.

For those who have been complaining we don't update our website please make sure you look at our blogs as these are being updated more regularly than this page. Richard's is in French and mine in English and are accessible from the menu on the left.

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